Financial Support and Assistance

PMC has 4 special funds.  They are:Laughter

  • Alison Stewart-Patterson bursary fund (ASP)
  • Gladys E. Montgomery fund (GEM)
  • Moncrieff Memorial fund (Moncrieff)
  • *NEW* Tom Gemmell Presbyterian Music Camp Fund (Tom Gemmell Bursary Fund)

If you would like to make a donation to our ministry, please contact the treasurer by visiting the “Contact us” page.


This fund was set up many years ago to honour Alison Stewart-Patterson, the founder of music camp. The ASP fund provides bursaries for individuals or families who need financial assistance with camp fees. Revenue for the fund comes from earmarked donations, the Sunday worship offering (unless otherwise specified by the donor), tuck profits, and merchandise profits.

Applications for the ASP fund must be received by May 15th to be considered. Applications received after that date will be considered if funds are still available.

Application forms and How to apply can be found here.



The GEM fund provides support for campers with special needs in the form of a stipend for an assistant/caregiver. For more information on applying to this fund please fill in the contact form and we will contact you.

Moncrieff fund:

The Moncrieff fund originated several years ago to honour Wilf Moncrieff, a former music camper and Dean. The Moncrieff fund provides resources to purchase musical instruments for the camp, with a particular focus on rhythm instruments for younger campers. Revenue for the fund comes from earmarked donations.

*NEW* Tom Gemmell Bursary Fund:

The Presbyterian Music Camp Committee is pleased to establish The Tom Gemmell Presbyterian Music Camp Bursary Fund in grateful memory of The Rev. Dr. Thomas Gemmell, who passed away on May 13, 2012.  Tom was a devoted Presbyterian, having served congregations in Whitehorse, Oshawa, St-Laurent, Ajax and Ottawa.  Tom had a deep love of music, and Tom’s family and the Presbyterian Music Camp Committee are convinced that the Tom Gemmell Bursary Fund would be an appropriate way to remember Tom and to encourage more people to experience the joy and Christian community life of Presbyterian Music Camp. The Tom Gemmell Bursary Fund will provide bursaries to cover the cost of attending Presbyterian Music Camp for one member of the clergy or certified student, and one Music Director.

Application forms and How to Apply can be found here