About Camp

Join us for an exciting week of camping, learning and growing as a family!PMC 2013

In the Beginning…
Presbyterian Music Camp was originally organized as a one-time event to introduce the new Presbyterian Book of Praise in 1972. After that camp, the organizing committee was encouraged to run a similar camp in the following year. It has continued to run ever since!

IMGP4704Presbyterian Music camp has developed into a camp where people of all ages and abilities can come together to learn, grow, and be challenged musically and spiritually. Camp provides a unique opportunity to develop your musical skills, spend time as a family and make some great friends!


Our Logo

At the 1984 camp, campers were invited to submit a design for a camp logo. Both children and adults made drawings and everyone at camp voted for their choice. This logo, designed by Brenda Fee, was the one that was chosen.

A Circle for the fellowship and unity of the Christian FamilyLogo

A Music Note floating on the lake

A Leaning Tree on the shore

The Lake representing nature

The Cross of Jesus Christ made from a tree.