C# Notes: November 2010

November 13 2010

Present: Linda Brennan, Angus Sutherland, Sandra Sutherland, Shona Sutherland, Rae-Lynn Rosefield, Peter Rosefield, Shannon Vanderstelt, Dan Eisner, Matt Eisner, John Eisner, Alex Brennan, Bonnie Sutherland, Alison Cooper

This is the second official committee meeting highlights summary.  I think I need to come up with a better name for these, possibly a fancy acronym.

One thing I didn’t mention in the previous summary is the real reason we have these committee meetings: the food!  It’s always pot-luck and the food is great.  We decided to add themes to our pot-lucks.  This meeting was Asian.  The next meeting will be Italian.

One of the main roles of the Deans is the theme development for the next year.  Our Deans Sandra and Angus Sutherland have already put a lot of thought into it and have come up with the suggestion of “To Seek Justice” for 2011’s theme.  The committee is very excited about this and explored some sub-themes for each day.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to workshops and evening program.  As I mentioned last time, we’ve got a lot of new ideas and we are excited to implement some of them.

The next meeting is the “the Advance”.  It’s an all-day planning meeting that years ago we used to call “the Retreat”.  We thought “Advance” was a much more positive term with more forward-looking connotations than “Retreat”, so we changed the name.  By the end of the Advance we need to finalize the budget and the brochure for 2011, as well as having the workshop and evening programs scheduled, and a good handle on who we’ll be approaching to volunteer to lead workshops.  Inevitably when planning the schedule it is very difficult to please everyone.  It often involves big charts and tones of multi-coloured post-it notes.  In my next report I’ll let you know how this went!

Peter Rosefield.


C# Notes: October 2010

Present: Phil Brennan, Linda Brennan, Angus Sutherland, Sandra Sutherland, Shona Sutherland, Cathy Whiteside, Rae-Lynn Rosefield, Peter Rosefield, Lindsay Cooper, Dan Eisner, Matt Eisner, John Eisner, Kennedy Jackson, Kevin Hazzard, Jake Hazzard, Alison Cooper.

The committee meets about 6 times a year to plan for Presbyterian Music Camp.  This year we’ve decided to revitalize the web site (as you’ve obviously noticed if you’re reading this!)  As part of this initiative we decided we’d like to put a short summary of each committee meeting on this web site.  This is the summary for Meeting number 1.  It is not intended to have all the details of the meetings, just a summary of some of the highlights for any campers that may be interested to see a bit of what goes on “behind the scene”.

There are a lot of new faces on the committee this year and some people have taken on new roles including Rae-Lyn and myself taking over as co-conveners from Phil Brennan.  Phil has been the convener for many years and we thank him for all his work.  For a full list of the current committee members and their roles check back soon!

Financially last year was a tough year.  With the increase in camper fees, we had less campers than budgeted for.  In order to keep the costs down, we really need to keep our campership up.  So do your part and spread the news about how amazing PMC is!

A major part of the first committee meeting after camp is the “Camp Wrap-up”.  This is where we go through all the camper comments in detail, and try and figure out what is important to campers, and what new things we should be thinking about for the next year.  This year there are a lot of suggestions for new workshops.  We hope to mix things up a bit this year by adding some new and exciting workshops!  Stay tuned…

And finally we talked a fair bit about this web site.  We want it to streamline the communication process to campers preparing for next year’s camp, including on-line registration , information about the various camp funds (Still to come), more detailed information about camp and the workshops being offered, a place to plan informal get-togethers, and a way to co-ordinate rides to camp.  But we’d also like it to be a way for campers to stay connected throughout the year including these committee meeting summaries, even a “Shameless Self-Promotion” page complete with calendar of events. So please have a look around this web site, and send any feedback you have on it to our web site administrator, Rae-Lynn

Peter Rosefield.


The Advance

The Music Camp Advance is taking place next Saturday. The Music Camp committee will be meeting to plan the workshops, schedule, budget, and many other things. We would appreciate your prayers as we go through this process! Check back in Early Febraury for information on Camp 2011!!