2018 Workshops and Schedule

The committee is hard at work putting together a fun and exciting selection of workshops for 2019.  Please take a look at the workshops that ran in 2018 for an idea of what is coming.

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The details of the daily schedule change from year to year, but the general Handbellsformat has stayed the same.  Below is an outline of how your day at camp is organized. The day is broken down into 5 workshop periods spread throughout the day. Participate in an activity each period, or pick and choose which workshop periods you would like to participate in.  Please keep in mind that workshops may change as we confirm workshop leaders.



Activity Description Age
Polar Bear Swim Wake up with a refreshing dip in Duck Lake.  Waders welcome too! All


Activity Description Age
Holy Motion Get your feet moving and energize your day! All
Morning Worship Following Holy Motion, sing and worship in community All

PERIOD 1Teen Choir


Activity Description Age
Camp Choir Four-part singing for campers of any musical ability. Music reading is not required. 13+
Children’s Choir A choir for children aged 6-12, sing fun songs with your friends and see how much fun a choir can be! 6-12
Cherubs Fun and games for little ones so parents can enjoy other great Music Camp workshops! 1.5-5
Banjo Instruction for Banjo players.  Bring your own banjo, tuned if possible. 13+
Activity Description Age
Bible Study Daily discussion based on the theme for each day.  This year, teen and adult bible study is combined. 13+
Concert Band Instrumental music for woodwinds, brass & percussion – bring your own instrument. 13+
Children’s Activities Outdoor games to get out some of that energy! A hat and sunscreen required. 6 to 12
Parent & Tot  A fun, relaxed workshop for everyone under the age of 5 and their caregivers. Explore sand, music, chalk and more in a pretty unstructured workshop.  5 and under with caregivers
Sport of the Day  A different organized sport every day! All
Relaxation Take some time for yourself and enjoy guided relaxations. All

PERIOD 3 Celtic Group


Activity Description Age
Jazz Band A band for Jazz enthusiasts, come learn some new pieces or just jam out!  13+
Show Choir Choreography and choral singing all at once! Come join PMC’s Show Choir!  All
Crafts for Adults Bring your own project or start a new one in our crafty community!  13+
Guitar – All Levels Come learn basic guitar chords and a song or two!  Or practice and learn more intermediate or advanced skills. All
Imagination Build a fort,  explore Fairy tales, dream as we explore the clouds and discover a new land. Join us for adventure! For kids and Adults who need a reminder of the joy found in imagining.  All
Swimming/Canoeing For swimmers, non-swimmers, and sandcastle builders All

PERIOD 4 advanced choir

Activity Description Age
Recorder/Ukulele  Want to learn a new instrument? Come on out and learn to play the recorder or ukulele!  All
Crafts for Kids A different prepared craft every day, come and let your creativity shine!  All
Garage Band Everyone has dreamed of starting their own band! this is your opportunity to take that dream a join a band! 13+
Drama Improvisation  Improv games and techniques, come be silly and impulsive! All
Advanced Choir  A more technical choir for advanced singers with strong sight reading abilities. 13+
Celtic Group Bring your guitars, penny whistles, mandolins, banjos, and bodráns and get ready to make some beautiful Celtic music! 13+
Swimming/Canoeing For swimmers, non-swimmers, and sandcastle builders. All

PERIOD 5 Handbells beginner

Activity Description Age
Contemporary Christian Music  Interested in bringing more contemporary music to your church? Come out and learn some new songs and how to integrate them into your church services! 13+
Drum Circle  Learn some simple drumming and rhythm patterns  All
Intermediate/ Advanced Ukulele For ukulele players who know at least 5 chords, or adults who want to pick up a new instrument.  All
Musical Improv  Improvise with sound and music, see where your imagination takes you! 13+
Singing For Non-Singers  Anyone can sing!  There is no such thing as a non-singer.  Learn the basics of singing, listening and reading sheet music. 13+
Beginner Bagpipes Want to learn to play the bagpipes? Here is where you start. Learn proper fingering,  important grace notes (a vital part of piping) and a basic tune. People with some learning on the chanter are also welcome. Time can be found to help learners along no matter what stage they are at.

People wishing to take the workshop will need a bagpipe chanter. Chanters can be ordered for participants and the price will be $90. A beginners book is $35. Tax is included. (Contact the camp committee before July 20th)

Please note: there are cheaper chanters, but buying them is throwing your money away. The chanter mentioned here is the least expensive one that is suitable for a student of the bagpipes.

Swimming/Canoeing For swimmers, non-swimmers, and just waders. All

Workshops are subject to change depending on staff and interest.

Evening Programcampfire2014

Evening Program begins with a time of musical worship and is followed by a camp activity. Two of the most popular evening programs have been Coffee House and Variety Night. These are great opportunities to share your talents with the other campers through song or other creative presentation.

On the last full day of camp all of the workshops present something they have been working on throughout the week. It is amazing how much you can learn in one week!