C# Notes: November 2010

November 13 2010

Present: Linda Brennan, Angus Sutherland, Sandra Sutherland, Shona Sutherland, Rae-Lynn Rosefield, Peter Rosefield, Shannon Vanderstelt, Dan Eisner, Matt Eisner, John Eisner, Alex Brennan, Bonnie Sutherland, Alison Cooper

This is the second official committee meeting highlights summary.  I think I need to come up with a better name for these, possibly a fancy acronym.

One thing I didn’t mention in the previous summary is the real reason we have these committee meetings: the food!  It’s always pot-luck and the food is great.  We decided to add themes to our pot-lucks.  This meeting was Asian.  The next meeting will be Italian.

One of the main roles of the Deans is the theme development for the next year.  Our Deans Sandra and Angus Sutherland have already put a lot of thought into it and have come up with the suggestion of “To Seek Justice” for 2011’s theme.  The committee is very excited about this and explored some sub-themes for each day.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to workshops and evening program.  As I mentioned last time, we’ve got a lot of new ideas and we are excited to implement some of them.

The next meeting is the “the Advance”.  It’s an all-day planning meeting that years ago we used to call “the Retreat”.  We thought “Advance” was a much more positive term with more forward-looking connotations than “Retreat”, so we changed the name.  By the end of the Advance we need to finalize the budget and the brochure for 2011, as well as having the workshop and evening programs scheduled, and a good handle on who we’ll be approaching to volunteer to lead workshops.  Inevitably when planning the schedule it is very difficult to please everyone.  It often involves big charts and tones of multi-coloured post-it notes.  In my next report I’ll let you know how this went!

Peter Rosefield.


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