Who Is My Neighbour?

August  21 to 28, 2016

The theme for this year’s camp is Who Is My Neighbour? Awareness and Action in our Global Neighbourhood.

The 2016 theme, Who Is My Neighbour? is a theme that enables us as a community to examine and explore what Jesus really meant when he challenged us to “love our neighbour.” Considering who our neighbours are leads us to think carefully about how we react to and act on current global issues. How do we respond to needs around the world and at home? How do we respect the differing views, opinions and practices of others? It is our hope that studying, talking and sharing ideas together will help us all to understand more and to develop the skills we need to truly fulfill God’s call to be a good neighbour through love.

We welcome you to come to Presbyterian Music Camp, set in the beautiful Muskoka Lakes Region. You are invited to join in a creative, caring community where your spirit will be nurtured, challenged and refreshed through worship, musical experiences and nature’s beauty.If a trombon plays in the forest

Presbyterian Music Camp is a camp for families and individuals who enjoy music and spending time growing in Christian community. Our camp is one week long and runs from Sunday to Sunday. There are week-long workshops that campers can choose to participate in. There are morning and evening devotions where we sing, worship and learn about our theme for the week.   Music is a key part of our camp, our workshops and activities.

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